Riparazione di Azionamenti Elettronici. Specialisti nell'assistenza su drive Poletti & Osta.

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SL Elettronica

Repair and Assistance for Industrial Machinery Drives

SL Elettronica provides an integrated system of solutions and services to repair, update and replace Industrial Machinery Drives.
SL Electronica is the only company in the world to hold Poletti & Osta’s masters and original out-prints.
Our Company successfully works on any other brand of drive.
You can rely on our specialized technicians for a quick and professional response.


We help your company reduce investment costs by extending machinery tools life, thanks to effective and durable repairs.
We are specialized in solving any Drive-related problem, with highly qualified technicians working on any model on the market.
We guarantee complete and extremely fast assistance: every technical intervention is done within 24 hours from the start of the job.

We repair and provide technical assistance on any brand and type of machinery tool drives.


servizi - sl elettronica

We specialize in Poletti and Osta brand drives repairs. SL Electronics took over the original masters and out-prints built by Poletti and Osta.
For this reason, our technicians are the most qualified on these drives.


Thanks to our network of reliable suppliers and special promotions, we provide our customers with the fastest, most efficient, and best value replacement parts.


Converting a drive is cheaper than buying a new machine.
Conversion allows you to adopt new and more efficient technologies, improve productivity, and add new functionality to a machinery tool.
Thanks to our Retrofitting services we add new technologies and functionalities to a dated drive, extending the productive life of the machine.
Through Rebuilding processes, we reconstruct obsolete drives from original projects. This way, you can intervene on the driver only instead of re-installing or replacing the machine.
We know exactly how a drive integrates with your machine: this allows you to avoid error when ordering a drive and delay in production.
SL Electronics provides drives purchase assistance and ensures the fastest, most efficient and least expensive solution.



 Guarantee on Repairs and Assistance

  • All repair work is tested and guaranteed for 6 months.
  • All Retrofitting and Rebuilding operations are guaranteed for 6 months.

Warranty on Buying Parts and Components

  • Full 12 month warranty on each type of replacement and new component purchased.
  • After-sales service on each type of replacement and new component purchased.
  • Fast delivery by express courier, directly at your company.

Our Process

You can choose how to get assistance:

  • On-site anywhere in Italy or the world
  • Through delivery by express courier
  • By telephone during opening hours: Mon – Fri 8 am – 6 pm. Call: +39 0142  562575

Why choose SL Elettronica

  • We are the only company in the world to have the original Poletti e Osta components and the most qualified technicians for their repair.
  • We provide Quick Assistance, completing any repair within 24 hours from the start of the job.
  • 40 years of technical experience on all types of drive repair
  • Continuous professional updates of our specialized technicians

Companies we work with

clienti sl elettronica: titan
clienti sl elettronica: marcecaglia
clienti sl elettronica: fadassali
clienti sl elettronica: new holland construction
clienti sl elettronica: mino
clienti sl elettronica: beretta
clienti sl elettronica: soilmeco
clienti sl elettronica: burgo group


Our technicians are available for any type of repair and assistance.